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Happy and trying to get healthy…

First, let me preface this whole post with why I am writing about this – I don’t have cancer – Thank God. My problems certainly aren’t the worst in the world. But, maybe… just maybe, I can help someone else who is having a similar problem. I won’t be embellishing in every detail, but I’ll generalize by saying that I’m having some autoimmune health issues. I’ve been doing some research and it is interesting to hear about how gluten seems to play a role in autoimmune diseases.

Because I have fatigue and joint aches from this – I don’t work out much. Okay, Okay – sometimes I probably coouullld work out, but truthfully, it is not at the top of my priority list. I’ve tried to be somewhat healthy, but the body is a machine and when things break down, sometimes you have to change your diet to fix them. As noted in the “about me” section – cutting back on the sweets is going to be tough.

If you’re having or suspecting you have autoimmune issues, I invite you to do some research with me and share in your findings to help make everyone healthier.

Here is a list of 3 cookbooks that I LOVE. Not all of the recipes are gluten-free, but it is definitely a good place to start:

  1. Happily Hungry: Smart Recipes for Kids with Cancer by Danielle Cook Navidi– about $20.00 – I figure if this is good for kids with cancer… it is probably good for everyone. Please, someone tell me why we wait until something is wrong to take care of ourselves??
  2. Great Taste, No Pain: 112 of the Most Delicious, Delectable, Scrumptious, Yummy and Healthy Recipes by Sherry Brescia. This was shared with me by someone else who has health issues and she has seen a huge turnaround in her health after learning how to nourish her body and learning what not to put in her body.
  3. Cooking ala Heart Cookbook: Delicious Heart Healthy Recipes to Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke by Linda Hachfield. Again, this isn’t necessarily gluten-free – but, has other great ideas on how to avoid processed foods.

My goals are to avoid processed foods and gluten and see how my body reacts after 2 months. My goal is not to lose any weight – it is to feel better. Everyone should have a size that they feel comfortable and is healthy for them – which is not necessarily the size that society says we should be.

Goal: Happy & HEALTHY 🙂 Ready, Set, GO!