It is a Matter of Time

When was the last time you took a deep breath and took the time to feel the air fill your lungs? In through your nose, out through your mouth – felt your chest rise and fall – allowed yourself to truly relax in the vessel that carries your soul.

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Recently, I was listening to a college classmate give a speech. In the beginning of his speech he said,
“Time is the most precious gift.”
– Jordan McCormick

The moment these words left his mouth – I had chills. Instantly, my life was in review.


I often think about how life seems to get faster and faster. I reflect on my ability to just ‘go through the motions.’ How often do I allow myself to truly live in the moment? How often do I allow myself to feel emotions in their truest form? How often do I take the time to listen – truly listen to other people… my nieces and nephew, my husband, my colleagues, my friends?  How often do I sit and allow myself to happily exist in my own presence, in the presence of my Maker? Rushing through the shower in the morning, being bogged down through work, making supper, tending to other people’s needs, sleeping – repeat.  Eat, Shower, Work, Drive, Cook, Clean, Sleep, Repeat.  How many times in a day did I take to breath, be thankful, be grateful, be happy?

Time is the one thing that we cannot get back. Money can always be made.  We are torn on a pendulum between getting as much done in a day and wasting endless amounts of time.  We trick ourselves into feeling like we are busy and we trick ourselves into thinking that we were incredibly productive. Of course, feeling productive is positive and who doesn’t love getting a bunch of things crossed of the list? But, when it comes to the value of life, productivity is relative. We convince ourselves that these are the most important things to get done. Shouldn’t we add to the list: to smile, to hug, to breathe?

We cannot rewind time, can only review it. When you look back, will you be happy with your decisions? Will you be happy with what you accomplished, with the relationships you made – maintained – lost, will you be happy with how you spent every minute of your time. Will you wish that you had more time?

If you knew that you were going to die within one year, would you live differently today? If you knew that this was your last day with your significant other, would you treat him/her differently?  Would all the little things bother you or would you start to appreciate the quirks and the uniqueness? I challenge you to make the most of time, appreciate each moment and show others as much love while you can.


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