I was given the gift of a vehicle –

A vehicle that got me to and from, through bumps in the road of life, up hills and winding roads. This vehicle provided music – beautiful songs of happiness and joy, sounds of sadness and trials.

Over time, the exterior got some dents and dings. The scratches and wear over time caused some character. Every dent became a fond memory – something to remember that we made it through.

The vehicle had breakdowns, of course. It needed routine maintenance and occasionally some new parts. It needed some TLC, but it was a trusty vehicle and over time I grew to love and appreciate it.

Eventually, this vehicle and I became a team. We quit working against each other – I gave it what it needed and it got me where I was going. Instead of looking at the imperfections, I focused on its uniqueness and assets. Instead of comparing it to other people’s vehicles, I was thankful that I was ever given one in the first place. It took some time for me to appreciate that some people drive a Ferrari and other people drive a Taurus, but as long as the vehicle runs – that is all that matters.

Once I realized how to appreciate and care for it, I really started to enjoy the ride.

Take care of your body and learn to enjoy the only on that you’ll get in this ride called life.

hawaii moments

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