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Product reviews are a very helpful way to know what to buy (and what not to buy), how to learn about new products, or different ways to use certain products. I love trying new things and I often have people asking me where I find certain items. The truth is – I pay attention to things I like and I’m not afraid to ask people for their opinion or where they found the item I like. I am not the least bit shy and I figure – we need to look out for each other in this world of scammers and crappy products. I’m sharing my FAVORITE products with you. Most of these items are certain items in particular… I definitely don’t consider myself a “brand baby” and I’m not incredibly loyal to certain brands in particular. A company really needs to work to earn my loyalty – for the most part, I am out for the best product at the best price. I hope this makes your life easier! 🙂

Looking for a pair of winter boots? Sick and tired of having boots that are heavy, clunky, and don’t actually keep your feet warm or dry? In one of the worst winters that Minnesota has seen in years, I used Columbia’s Omni-Heat Minx Boots and they were wonderful. Unlike my UGGS, these had such great grips on the bottoms that I didn’t worry about slipping. They were warm and the laces provided a level of fit that other boots can’t compare to. These puppies are like  water-proof down comforters for your feet 🙂 Retails for $100 – $120.00 or so.

BEST WINTER BOOTS AWARD: Columbia’s Omni-Heat Minx Boots

Minx Omni-Heat Boot


I am well-endowed woman and I used to never work out without at least two sports bras on. That all changed when I found the best sports bra ever:

BEST SPORTS BRA AWARD: Moving Comfort Juno Sports Bra. Retails for around $50.00

Juno sports bra

Throw out all of your old, worn out, tired sports bras. You will not be sorry that you purchased this one. It is great for horse back riding, Tough Mudder, playing basketball… it does it all!


I am about the least ‘high-maintenance’ girl there is. I go to work with a wet-head many days of the week and typically don’t even brush my hair… horrible, I know. So you can imagine – I don’t like to curl my hair. But, if I could give an award for best curling iron ever goes to:


Bio ionic

This takes just a bit to get to learn how to use, but once you get used to it – it is ridiculously quick. I curl my entire head of hair (I have a ton of long, thick hair) in about 5 -7 minutes start to finish. AMAZING! Well worth the $. The prices vary greatly, but you can find it for about $70.00 – $110.00.  I like the 1″ wand.

I’ll be adding a new favorite product each week!

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