The Power of Picking

Marriage is about the coolest thing ever. Your spouse is the only person in your entire life that you get to choose. You don’t get to choose your parents. You don’t get to choose your siblings or own children, but God gives us the opportunity to choose a spouse. I feel so honored and blessed to have found my husband and to know that he chose me. Yes, marriage takes work. If you don’t put it above all other relationships (other than your relationship with God), it will be harder than you know.

I remember growing up – my dad always told me,

“When you go to choose a spouse, be sure to choose someone who you want as a teammate… someone you can work with, someone who is your friend. You have to work at your relationship for it to work.”

My parents don’t have the perfect relationship – no one does… but, it is strong and I am happy that they gave me the advice to work at my marriage.

If you have a spouse, be sure to look at him/her and remember why you fell in love. Remember how blessed you are to be his/her chosen one and how cool it is that you found each other.

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